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The Service We Provide

Litigation Associates 


Since 1999, the Litigation Associates Law Firm has been dedicated to providing bold, forward-thinking, successful and uncommonly creative legal representation throughout the United States. Our team of dedicated attorneys is available to serve individuals, businesses and corporations in a wide range of legal matters, disputes and transactions. 


Corporate Responsibility

Dr. Marks serves as lead consultant to several major organizations and corporations, providing advice, counsel, and direction on issues related to policy, economics and community  empowerment.


Personal Injury

From slip and fall cases to dog bites, Litigation Associates is one of Michigan's most trusted personal injury law firms.


Real Estate Development

From concept to completion, we counsel developers, investors, non-profit organizations an other owners on real estate devvelopment projets


Medical Malpractice

At Litigation Associates, we represent clients who have been hurt by medical malpractice and the negligence of doctors, crafting specialized personal injury lawsuits.


Ecclesiastical Corporate Law

Litigation Associates has vast experience in the canons of law that govern the doctrine of churches.


White Collar Criminal Defense

Litigation Associates represents business and government professionals in a range of fraud cases, i.e tax offenses, embezzlement, public corruption, to name a few.


Product Liability

If you've been hurt by a defective product, Litigation Associates will pursue maximum compensation for your injuries.


Employment and Civil Rights

If you've had your constitutional rights violated by a police officer, or any other government agent, you may be able to pursue loss.



General Services

It you would like any other services not listed here, like divorce, wills, or contracts, please inquire. We are here to  assist.

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