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Bertram L. Marks

Chairman & Chief Legal Counsel

Bertram L. Marks Esq., D. Minn. has been a practicing trial lawyer for 26 years. His practice includes products liability, medical malpractice, ecclesiastical, corporate law, civil rights, personal injury and white-collar criminal defense.  He holds an undergraduate political science degree from Wayne State University and a law degree from the University of Detroit.  Dr. Marks earned a Master and Doctoral degrees in ministry from the Ecumenical Theological Seminary in Detroit. He serves as Chairman of the Litigation Associates Trial Law Firm and Pastor of First Community Baptist Church.


Dr. Marks is a consultant to major organizations and corporations. He provides advice and counsel on  economics, social justice, community empowerment and corporate responsibility. He is a senior level consultant to utility companies and senior counsel to the President of the National Progressive Baptist Convention Incorporated. He is the former President of T.H.A.W. Board of Directors of Michigan, former Michigan Civil Rights Commissioner, former General Legal Counsel to the Council of Baptist Pastors and a frequent guest writer for the Detroit Free Press and Michigan Chronicle newspapers.  He served as an on-air legal analyst for The Mildred Gaddis Show which aired on WCHB AM and 99.9FM in Detroit.


Dr. Marks is married to Monique Marks, President and CEO of Franklin Wright Settlements Inc.,  a human service agency in Detroit, Michigan. The couple have three grandchildren and reside in  Detroit, Michigan where they raised their two children, Erika and Bertram II.

Law Practice


Dr. Marks has been a practicing trial lawyer for 26 years.  His practice includes Products Liability,  Medical Malpractice, Ecclesiastical Corporate Law, Employment and Civil Rights, White Collar Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, and Real Estate Development.  Throughout his legal career, Dr. Marks has served as lead attorney on trials in the District, Circuit, Appellate, and Federal Court levels.  His trial experience includes cases throughout the country including Dallas, Kentucky, New Orleans, and  Mississippi. Dr. Marks is the Chairman of the Litigation Associates Trial Law Firm in Detroit, a firm  he started in 1995. In addition to his duties at the firm, Dr. Marks served as a Commissioner on  The Michigan Civil Rights Commission, an officer of The Heat And Warmth Fund and President of  Community Energy Solutions Group.  Dr. Marks diligently served as General Legal Counsel for the  Council of Baptist Pastors of Detroit and Vicinity for nearly a decade and served as Special Legal  Counsel to the President of the Progressive National Baptist Convention.  Dr. Marks served as second Vice President of the Council of Baptist Pastors.


Community Outreach Consulting


Dr. Marks serves as Lead Consultant to several major organizations and corporations.  Dr. Marks  provides advice, counsel, and direction on issues related to policy, economics and community  empowerment. Dr.  Marks has consulted with corporations on a variety of outreach strategies and opportunities.  Through their collaboration, the companies he has consulted with have substantially reduced reputational risk and substantially increased customer satisfaction.  One company has risen to become third in the industry in customer satisfaction ratings.  Dr. Marks and his team of experts provide strategic and planning, policy advice and community programming to enhance corporate image and blue print in the community.  Dr. Marks has also successfully led extensive educational and informational campaigns for energy customers. Through his ministry, Dr. Marks frequently provided food, clothing, and support to vulnerable citizens. Dr. Marks provides discounted and pro-bono legal services through the People’s Law Clinic, a subsidiary of his law firm. Services are available for senior citizens, low income families and returning citizens.




Dr. Marks is the Publisher and creator of the Baptist Times Magazine.  The magazine highlights issues of concern to the Faith Community.  He is currently authoring his first in a series of ministry help guides designed to aid conflict resolution in churches.

Public Speaking/Lectures


Dr. Marks is a featured organizational corporate lecturer and trainer.  He travels throughout the country conducting lectures and providing board trainings for churches, non-profits, college, universities, and human service agencies whose impact areas target families and children. During the George W. Bush Presidency, he met with First Lady Laura Bush on policy initiatives which affect families and children.  He also delivered a keynote address at an event in which First Lady Laura Bush was a special guest.   Dr. Marks is a featured guest columnist for a variety of publications including the Michigan Chronicle.  He is the featured Legal Analyst for the Mildred Gaddis Show which airs on Detroit Praise 99.9FM.




Dr. Marks is a seminary trained ordained minister. He currently serves as Pastor of First Community Baptist Church. Dr. Marks spends a considerable amount of time traveling to churches around  the country conducting seminars, workshops, trainings, and giving lectures on church structure,  governance, and finances. Dr. Marks is especially committed to helping churches avoid or manage  conflict.  He is also actively involved in Street Ministry.




Ecumenical Theological Seminary, 2005

Doctorate of Ministry  


University of Detroit School of Law, 1992

Juris Doctorate    


Regents College Business School, 08/1990 - 12/1990

London, England  

Studied International Law, Economics, Banking and Finance  


Wayne State University, 1989

B.S. Political Science    


Michigan State University, 1985-1988

James Madison School of Government




COGIC Leadership, 2016

Men of Excellence, Michigan Chronicle 2015

RESULTS Mentoring Difference Maker 2013


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